What our clients say

Our clients are a broad range of charities who choose to work with a devoted partner on a long-term basis. Their diversity inspires us to stay creative and keep exploring new methods in fundraising.

Erna Reynisdóttir

Former executive director of Barnaheill – Save the Children Iceland

“To us, Takk is not just a service provider but a partner who has shared interest in our success and one in which we can seek advice, brainstorm and overall have a genuinely enjoyable relationship with. Last, but not least, Takk has completely and successfully altered our fundraising work in the pasts few years and it has been a true pleasure working with such a professional and friendly team.”

Steinunn Gyðu- og Guðjónsdóttir

Stígamót’s spokeswoman

„Our fundraising has been taken to another level with the comprehensive knowledge and expertise of Takk. The financial support from our monthly donor community has increased significantly and Takk also plays a crucial part in expanding our donor community, by supporting us with several awareness campaigns, as well as nurturing our existing donors. Working with Takk has given us more flexibility and capacity to focus on our fundamental work –  providing free and confidential counseling to the survivors of sexual violence.“

Sonja Huld Guðjónsdóttir

Fundraising Manager for Amnesty International Iceland

Hvert einasta góðgerðafélag sem við þjónustum vinnur einstakt og mikilvægt starf. Fjölbreytt málefni krefjast ólíkrar nálgunar og hvetja okkur til að þróa nýjar hugmyndir og spennandi leiðir í allri okkar vinnu. Allt byggir þetta á áreiðanlegri fjáröflun og aðferða og ferla sem við höfum þróað. Viðskiptavinir okkar eru traust góðgerðafélög sem velja að eiga í árangursríku, skapandi og faglegu langtíma samstarfi við Takk.

Kristján Þór Harðarson

Icelandic association for search, rescue & injury prevention

„Takk is and has been an essential part of our fundraising team for more than a decade. Their expertise, commitment and initiative has enabled us to build a monthly donor program, counting more than 32,000 donors in less than ten years. Takk’s knowledge of regular giving is hard to match, and their services repeatedly exceed our expectations, whether it is acquisition, donor communication or management.”