We establish and manage donor communities and provide better results, without the fundraising workload.

360° Donor Management Services

A community of committed monthly donors is the foundation of the charity‘s success. We construct, shape and nurture the donor community of your organization.

Fundraising and Donor
Journey People

We‘re all about the people. Our team consists of Fundraising experts as well as Donor Journey experts with diverse education and expansive experience from some of the most effective fundraising organizations in the world.


Read the stories that have shaped the experience and enhanced the financial outcome for our clients.

What is Takk?

Takk is a company of Icelandic origin, with over then 25 different charity clients, more than 50 employees and 20 years of experience. We construct and manage donor communities for small and medium sized charities in Northern Europe.


Nóatún 17,
101 Reykjavík,
+45 56 84 21 45

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