We’ve connected over 300.000 people to good causes and here are a few ideas you can implement today with your team to add 100 new recurring donors with little to no cost

Call three people

Call 3 donors that are already donating monthly. Talk to them, hear about why they are donating, thank them, hear about how they started donating and why they are passionate about the cause. You can learn a lot about how to go forward with acquiring the next 100.

Don’t be shy

People are supporting your cause because they want to! It is not by accident. Let them know why it matters and be clear about your goal. Tell them that you plan to add 100 new donors today. Ask them to help and be clear about why it matters and how the money is used.

Use social media

You’ve spent a lot of time and effort to get followers on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, X etc. Talk to them. It’s a win-win. Those who share your passion will donate and the fact that you are posting and creating engagement is good for your page. Post a link to your donation page and ask people to donate.

Make sure people can

Make sure people can easily donate on your website. Don’t ask for a fax number or detailed information. Have all the most popular payment methods available and give people the opportunity to control the amount they give to you.


Ask your recurring donors to add one extra by sending out an email, calling friends, posting on social media. Best would be to incentivise them to share and connect people to your cause.

Use your network

You probably feel like you’re always asking people to donate but we’re sure that people do not remember the last time they were asked. Use your own network and the network of board members to connect people to your cause. Ask them to send out a short email with a clear ask. If 10 people get 2 to donate you have 20 new recurring donors supporting the cause with 3.600 EUR pr year.

Discover your WHY and write about it

Ask yourself these questions. Why did we start this organization? What would we do with 100 million? Who would miss us if we would quit tomorrow? – Find inspiration in your answers and write a blog post on your website and share it with news outlets that might be interested. People who share your passion will connect and start donating.

“Hi my name is Hanna and I support this mission”

Check to see if you have a passionate influencer with following on social media on your current list of donors. Ask her to reach out to her followers with a simple ask.

Connect to Seeds

We call people that have interacted with your organization before, without converting to monthly donors, Seeds. You need to take care of your Seeds, water them with information, passion and make sure they grow into beautiful evergreen monthly donors. Take a look at what Seeds you might have in your organization. People that have interacted with you, showed up to events, email lists, bought products from you online, supported you with a one off donation. Ask those people to donate monthly – they know more about your organization than other people. First, make sure they have allowed you to contact them.